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The Puerto Rico Independence Party believes in full independence from the United States to form a new completely separate country with full sovereignty.

This proposed Puerto Rican country would base its economy in tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, service industries and a new foreign trade without all the trade and tariff restrictions imposed by the U.S. Government. Its largest trade volume will be, as it is today, with free trade with the United States. Part of the income of the proposed new country would come from rental income from considerable amounts of property used by the Federal Government including among others several military bases, and will attempt to maintain some of the economic grants Puerto Rico receives today. The new government will also apply for numerous funds available for underdeveloped or developing nations. These funds are granted today to a number of other countries around the world.

Followers of the independence status call themselves "independentistas". They usually identify themselves by their party's green flag with a white horizontal cross, or by waving a sole Puerto Rican flag. This latter as a symbol of Puerto Rico alone, without the U.S. relationship.

Regarding citizenship, the Puerto Rico Independence Party has suggested the possibility of negotiating dual citizenship. Puerto Rico citizens would have the option to maintain a second American citizenship.

John A. Regis Jr, July 1998.  

We invite the Puerto Rico Independence Party to submit its own official position of American Citizenship and the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States for inclusion in this page.

ADDITIONAL articles on independence and/or PIP are coming soon...

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